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Hello everyone.           

My name is Ive and I´m born december 16th 1986. I had a great youth with no worries at all.At school was everything going well and we spend many holidays in great places during summer.Than on october 5th.2001, suddenly I got paralised in about 12 hours time. Diagnostic was Guillain-Barré, this is a nerve disease.This disease should heal slowly and almost for 100%. After 1 and a half month and still on a breathing machine even the doctors started to worry and suggested to make a scan as soon as I came of the breathing machine. I came of the machine in the beginning of december and soon they found something in the spinal cord, what the doctors could´nt say without having surgery. December 27th. the operation took place and soon the doctors told me that it was a tumor, which was removed immediately for 95%. The doctors told me that everything went well and now it was waiting for recovery. This recovery never came and in november of 2002 I had to have 20 times radiation because the tumor was growing again. Since than the tumor came back again in 2015 and had to have surgery again. Like I said before, recovery stayed out and right now I can only use my left and right arm and a few fingers on the right hand. I hope that the medical world will find a cure to heal my disease and that one day I can walk again. Before my sickness I collected  all kind of things, for instans stamps, beer cards, little owls, everything of ferrari, etc. But this side is about me and my hobby, COLLECTING JOKERS.  Like said before, starting in the rehab centre in 2001 till 2008. In that year I was selected for the Belgium national wheel chair rugby team and travelled a lot to so many different countries where we played, my best experience was the paralympics in London in 2012. You can image that I had no time to be busy with collecting jokers. After a break of nearly 10 years I started again collecting. Now have +/- 6000 different jokers but with your help, I hope to get a great and specially a large collection.


                                                                                                                 Thank you all.





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